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Are You a TiViTz Office 365 Classroom?

Classrooms from all sides of Hillsborough county are playing TiViTz through O365 to win prizes, like having McDonald’s delivered to your classroom! Yum! Teachers can win a Surface Tablet!


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TiViTz takes math off the blackboard and into the online world of fun!

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Is math a four-letter word in your home or classroom?

The TiViTz® Math Strategy Program makes math FUN for kids with in-school and after-school play, as well as regional and championship tournaments, where they can compete for prizes including trophies and college scholarships!

Available in traditional board game, iPad and Android tablet apps, and online play, TiViTz engages kids’ strategic thinking and basic computation skills as they maneuver their numbered tivits, or playing cubes, across the game surface to land at the numbered score goals that will produce equations with the highest possible answers.

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Individuals with poor math skills typically make greater financial mistakes. A student who thoroughly grasps the concepts of numbers especially relating to money will be more inclined to better manage debt. It’s never too early to start learning math fundamentals. Introduce the TiViTz app to your child now! January 12, 2017 at 4:45pm

Are you struggling to motivate your children to enjoy math? Encourage them by discussing math’s relevance to potential dream jobs such as an animator, fashion designer, astronaut, the list goes on and on. #MondayMotivation January 9, 2017 at 8:20pm