Kids, what if you could start earning your own money for college…NOW?

With the new TiViTz College $avings Game-a-thon, you can! Kids as young as six years old can now earn money for college by playing TiViTz math games online. It’s easy! Just like a walk-a-thon or dance-a-thon, you’ll seek pledges from family, friends and neighbors. But instead of walking or dancing, you’ll be exercising your mind by playing TiViTz, an exciting online math and strategy game that’s as easy to learn as checkers but as challenging to master as chess. Instead of buying gift wrap or cookie dough, your family and friends will be helping you save for college and helping you expand your critical thinking and math skills at the same time! Learn more about the Game-a-thon or try a game of TiViTz now! ▶

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5th grade math is hard, just ask these people in this Buzzfeed video! How many problem could you solve correctly? September 29, 2014 at 1:00am

It's one thing for parents and grandparents to set aside money for a child's college fund, but what if children as young as six could start earning their own money for higher education? Now they can! Learn more at: September 25, 2014 at 4:41pm