Win A College Scholarship

Qualify for a TiViTz Tournament

The TiViTz Championship Tournament returns in Spring 2016!

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Start A TiViTz Program At Your School

Start A TiViTz Program At
Your School

Workshops are available for teachers, parents and students to learn how to play the TiViTz math and strategy game.


A Home Run For Kids

A Home Run For Kids

The Ripken Baseball TiViTz Program makes math FUN for students in grades 4-8, with opportunities to participate in tournaments and win college scholarships.

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Got Game? Buy TiViTz

Got Game?

Improve your child’s math skills with Ripken Baseball TiViTz!

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Play TiViTz Now!

TiViTz takes math off the blackboard and into the online world of fun!

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Is math a four-letter word in your home or classroom?

The TiViTz® Math Strategy Program makes math FUN for kids with in-school and after-school play, as well as regional and championship tournaments, where they can compete for prizes including trophies and college scholarships!

Available in traditional board game, iPad and Android tablet apps, and online play, TiViTz engages kids’ strategic thinking and basic computation skills as they maneuver their numbered tivits, or playing cubes, across the game surface to land at the numbered score goals that will produce equations with the highest possible answers.

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