TiViTz Premium

A TiViTz Premium subscription entitles you to Premium content by platform. You may also purchase Premium upgrades to access Premium content on multiple platforms.

TiViTz Premium Pricing

  • TiViTz Premium is $7.99, and enables Premium access on:
    • iOS phones and tablets, if purchased through iTunes
    • Android phones and tablets, if purchased through Google Play
    • PC or Mac desktop or laptop
  • TiViTz Premium for a second platform is $4.99. Example:
    • One parent purchases TiViTz Premium for iOS, and the child may use an iPad or iPhone to access TiViTz Premium.
    • The other parent purchases a $4.99 upgrade to enable TiViTz Premium use on an Android tablet and phone.
  • TiViTz Premium for a third platform is $2.99.