TiViTz Tuesdays

TiViTz Tuesdays at McDonald's

From February through April, participating McDonald’s restaurants will play host to TiViTz Tuesdays, where kids can come after school to play TiViTz against their friends and challenge students from other schools — learning new strategies and improving their games. 

Here’s what students, teachers and parents need to know:

Bring Your Game!

There’s no cost to participate in TiViTz Tuesdays at McDonald’s but kids and/or teachers are encouraged to bring their own TiViTz board games, or bring tablets to play on WiFi to ensure that they’re always ready to play. Buy a game online!
Register in Advance

Each student must be registered for each TiViTz Tuesday in advance by a parent or teacher. Please register by Monday at 8 p.m. for the following Tuesday.
Plan to Stay with Your Student

All students attending TiViTz Tuesdays must be supervised by a parent or teacher. Students may not be left unsupervised at McDonald’s restaurants.

Make the most of the TiViTz season!

Just as amateur and professional athletes compete for an entire season before making it to the playoffs or championships, students can consider TiViTz Tuesdays an important part of their “official TiViTz season” to play against other students in preparation for tournaments in May and June.

Consider choosing a location near a different school to gain experience against other players. You can even issue an online challenge to kids from other schools!

The Power of TiViTz