TSM meets Team TiViTz Screen Grab

Coming Soon: TiViTz Dollar Math Club

A youth eSports club, where kids can earn currency and
win prizes when they challenge opponents from around
the world, play in tournaments (PVP or Battle Royale), join competitive TiViTz teams, or participate through games and activities. Earn eSports and Fortnite prizes!

What is TiViTz?

TiViTz is a series of fun, engaging online math and strategy games that stimulate interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

For children grades K-9, TiViTz combines board game strategy with math concepts covered in school. Play against the computer or compete online against friends around the world! Unlock different themes and avatars for Outdoor Adventure, Baseball, Mars Landing and Magic Sky Island. Upgrade TiViTz play to include new themes and avatars for Pirate Hideout, Medieval Castle, Atlantida Lost and Soccer.

With immersive themes and sounds, 9 skill levels, and state-of-the-art 3-D graphics, TiViTz improves critical thinking and computational skills by incentivizing gameplay through equation solving. TiViTz combines the fun of checkers and chess with the need to correctly strategize and solve math problems to ensure victory.

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