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The secret's out, the new TiViTz game is HERE!!!

We’ve been keeping it under wraps, but you can play the redesigned TiViTz right now! As a friend of TiViTz you can try the new game online before the official launch.

Up to the Challenge? Try the NEW TiViTz!

TiViTz is an online game that stimulates interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Use your smarts to help your TiViTz avatar make and solve math problems! Score as quickly as you can by jumping your opponent, use strategy to score the highest goals and make sure your challenger did their math problems right! Strategize your way to victory today! TiViTz® makes math FUN with in-school and after-school play, as well as regional and championship tournaments, where they can compete for prizes including trophies and college scholarships!

The newly redesigned TiViTz retains the core gameplay foundation of the much-loved original, while introducing modern 3D design, new worlds to explore and interactive avatar characters. Additional secret rewards, worlds, characters and powerups are planned for future releases and new versions for tablets are coming in late fall.

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