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Play TiViTz anywhere by downloading the app from iTunes or Google Play. See Supported Tablet Devices below for more information.

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Supported Devices:


  • iOS:
    • iPad 4
    • iPad Air
    • iPad Air 2
    • Similar iOS devices running at least iOS 10 and having 2GB of RAM
  • Android:
    • Samsung S2
    • Galaxy Tab 4
    • Nexus 9
    • Similar Android tablets with at least Android OS 5.x and having 2GB of RAM
    • Kindle HD8
    • Similar Kindle tablets having 2GB of RAM


  • iOS: iPhone 6 and newer
  • Android:
    • Samsung Galaxy s7 and newer
    • Google Pixel XL and newer

The TiViTz tablet app is not recommended for:

  • iPad devices older than iPad 4
  • iPad devices using an operating system prior to iOS 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, due to having less than 2GB of RAM