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TiViTz partners with Team SoloMid to grow STEM proficiency through eSports competition

SAS Games, Inc., makers of the online math and strategy game TiViTz, today announced a partnership with successful eSports organization Team SoloMid (TSM) to grow interest in STEM-focused learning through online gaming.

The partnership provides TiViTz players the opportunity to earn prizes and incentives by competing in player-versus-player or team play modes in the upcoming TiViTz Dollar Math Club.

According to TiViTz CEO Siobhan Mullen, leveraging the popularity of eSports–and competitive online gaming generally–to grow interest and proficiency in math among students K-8 make the TSM partnership a natural fit.

“We believe eSports players and teams have nearly unlimited influence to motivate students to engage in their math,” Mullen said. “eSports players and teams are the new heroes to our youth. They have the power to encourage young people to do well in school and to emphasize the need to master basic math skills to ensure future success.”

The TiViTz Dollar Math Club, scheduled to launch in 2019, is a hub for competitive online gaming using the recently-redesigned online version of TiViTz. Players can compete one-on-one with club members around the world, or they can join or assemble teams. In addition, the resource-rich club will provide opportunities for interactions that are designed to improve math competency and interest. By coming to market at a competitive price point, Mullen believes the Dollar Math Club can help struggling students at a parent-friendly cost.

“When students fall behind in math, most parents cannot afford $40-plus per hour for a tutor. However, they can afford the TiViTz Dollar Math Club” which is expected to cost around $39.99 per year, Mullen said.

In the TiViTz Dollar Math Club, students play in PvP, Battle Royale and Team Play formats that provide the motivation and competition required to keep students engaged and interested in improving foundational math skills.

Through the TSM partnership, TiViTz Dollar Math Club members will be eligible for prizes that include competing against and chatting up TSM players over Skype, backstage passes to TSM events, and a trip to the TSM Fortnite house.

A TiViTz team hangs out at the Team SoloMid Fortnite house.

To learn more about the TiViTz-TSM partnership, the Dollar Math Club, and to become a Dollar Math Club beta tester, visit our Dollar Math Club page.